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September 2010



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Sep. 1st, 2010


Why do people have to be so mean and rude? People suck. Annoyed.....

Aug. 18th, 2010


So. Fucking. Sick of life. God, I want to be done with this shit! So sick of work, school and home. People are so annoying and I hate everything. I just want to sleep! And never wake up. the end.

Aug. 3rd, 2010


This broken tooth sucks! I need a dentist! Can't believe I'm saying that since I hate them so much. But, this tooth is killing me and needs to be pulled. Anyways~ I'm sitting in the parking lot of school, wishing I didn't have to go in. Painfully eating chicken nuggets, drinking sweet tea and listening to Gravitation music. Uh, I want Sept 22nd to come faster so I can be done with school. Its almost here~! Well, outta nuggets. Off to school I guess.
Peaces! <3

Jul. 25th, 2010

Bleh >.

I have now realized that I am more lactose intolerant than I thought. I was allergic to milk as a baby and I grew out of it. I must be growing back into it cause I've have a lot of dairy products lately and have been sick as hell. Like 2 hours in the bathroom sick. >.< This sucks, so I'm swearing off dairy for a week until this shit passes....no pun intended.
(-.-)' Then I'll go to like...one dairy product a day or something. It's going to be so sad...I love cheese. T.T Oh Cheese, why are you so mean to me? Gonna go sleep or something. I'm hungry and want scrambled eggs and cheese.. Sadness...
Peaces~! <3

Jul. 19th, 2010

Had to put it somewhere. lol

This is my wishlist~!
In somewhat this order. This is my Dollfie Wishlist:

I think I'm done. Holy crap~! There's so many! I want atleast one. lol I need money~ lol
<3 Peace!

Jun. 28th, 2010


Wow, I need to post on here more often. Lol I'm sleepy but feeling alright. ^_______^ I got school and work tomorrow, yay? lol Eh, School is a yay, not so much work. Umm.... WHat else? ......Nothing. I need to start posting pictures. Like I did on my other Lj....And my facebook....and my blogspot...and my Myspace. Good god I need a life! lol For someone who works and goes to school 5 days a week, I sure find a lot of time on my hands for that stuff. I should head to bed, gotta get up at 5am. Good night~ <3 Peace!

Apr. 26th, 2010

fuck off

Shut up! You can't sing, maybe your voice is okay but you're like tone deaf. Fuck off, you don't have any rhythem. And the reason you have no problem with sing in front of people is because you're so use to getting all and everyone's attention. Stupid bitch.

Apr. 3rd, 2010


Work and school is killing me. It's too much. I can't take it anymore. I'm losing my mind, both are suffering in performence and I can't screw up either. I  CAN'T fail school and I CAN'T lose my job. I'm calling into work tomorrow to do homework all day. It's 4am and I'm wide awake worrying over everything. So, stressed. I almost cried like 5 times today/Last night in class. Kiah finally got a hold of me to tell me she made it home safe. Guess that's one less thing I have to worry about. I really could have used her tonight. JUst to hug and hold me and make everything alright. Shit, crazy.....or I am. I'm stressed and depressed. Probably not the best combo in the world. But, there's nothing I can do. Gotta keep working through it and get better. I have to. Gonna go to sleep now, if I can. Until 8 and then to call in. My parents aren't going to know I called in so, I have to leave the house and hide somewhere to do the homework. Maybe the bookstore.....Or a library. I dunno.....

Apr. 1st, 2010


I'm doing beard work in class today. And I suck at it~ >.< I'm gonna practice tomorrow I think on my dummy chick. I'll make her a bearded lady. Lol class is almost over. Thank god! Lol I SO wanna do my make up on one of my days off! I miss doing it and I haven't done it once since I started make up school. Lol hmmm~ should I use my make up or my school make up. Ugh, like 40 mins of class left. Damn~ I'm hungry and sleepy, y0~ k, better get back to class.
<3 Kei! :Þ

Mar. 31st, 2010

Hi~ ^º^

I need friends.....and groups. Lol I've missed lj. This is my new lj account. I've had a total of.....4 lj accounts now. I still check on one. But, probably not for long. Cause the communities I still check I'm gonna join on here. Anyways~ my allergies are buggin me today. I gotta work, boo! And I got school too. That will be fun cause today we're getting our effects kits. Total awesome sauce! I've been going on Gaia a lot lately. I've missed it. And all of my avi's are rich now and look cool! I wish I could use Gaia on my phone.....I'd be on there now. I'm sleepy~ and my tongue/mouth hurts. Stupid tongue, I love you. Lol k, off to work now.
<3 Kei